At Cascade Inspection Services LLC, we strive for excellence.

We uphold the State of Oregon Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors.

As a member of InterNACHI (the world’s largest Home Inspection Association) I go well beyond the education and training requirements given by Oregon. This is to ensure that I can give you the most well-informed home inspection available.

Whether you live in the Portland Metro Area, Central Oregon, the Willamette Valley, or the Oregon Coast, I’m here to meet your inspection needs.


Ben Zedwick

Owner / Inspector

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Some of my certifications



InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector

Unlike other home inspection associations, InterNACHI requires that its members take many courses and examinations after joining.  All of their certified members must fulfill certification requirements before they can become certified. Other home inspection associations have few or no entrance requirements, and they encourage their members to go out and perform hundreds of unqualified inspections for unsuspecting consumers.





Wood Destroying Organisms Inspector

Often referred to as a Pest & Dry-rot Inspection, this service is critical in the damp environment of the Pacific Northwest, as many homes are subject to damage from these organisms without the home owner even knowing.





Certified Crawlspace Inspector

Having logged hundreds of hours in crawl spaces, I’ve got the experience necessary to identify any problems you may have underneath your home.





Certified Roof Inspector

The roofing system plays a critical part in keeping Oregon’s rain (and snow) out of your home. I’ll inspect each component to make sure it keeps protecting you and your family.





Certified Plumbing Inspector

Whether your home uses municipal services or a septic system, I’ll give you a thorough inspection to make sure your plumbing system is functioning properly.




Certified Electrical Inspector

Having the training and experience to spot electrical problems before they turn into shock or fire hazards is essential to any home inspection.





Certified Exterior Inspector

A house’s exterior is comprised of complex systems that must work together to create a secure dwelling. I’ll make sure to carefully analyze all systems to ensure you’re able to keep your home sound.





Certified Chimney Inspector

Chimneys are a critical part of any fuel burning system and must be thoroughly inspected to ensure that they don’t pose a fire risk to your home. According to CSAI, chimneys account for more fires than any other other system in the home.



Certified Deck Inspector

I’ve undergone specific training to identify any potential problems that decking systems are prone to encounter as they weather Oregon’s varied seasons.





Safe Workplace Inspector

We encourage all of our clients to join us on inspection day. That means I keep your safety (and that of your family) in the forefront of my mind while I go about every home inspection.